Armor for the War God

Armor for the War God If you read my trick-or-treat post then you’ll know that DreamHost throws quite excellent Halloween parties. Such excellent parties demand similarly excellent costumes. As such, when a coworker mentioned that she was putting together a Medusa costume one thing led to another and we got a group together as various figures from Greek mythology. I eventually settled on Ares – I don’t feel much affinity for the God of War, but I felt that I could have the most fun with his attributes for a costume.

Galaxy Topper

My Hat! It’s Full of Stars Three or more years ago an instructable by Chris Knight reached my attention. (I have shamelessly stolen the title of his instructable for the title of this post because it is just. Too. Good. But all credit to Chris with apologies to Mr. Kubrick). ANYWAY. I saw that instructable and knew immediately that I wanted to build my own starfield hat. Fast-forward 3 years.